Jess MFH

“We are so grateful to have found Hart Gibson and Music from the Hart, who provides music therapy to our son, Jess. Jess was involved in a terrible auto accident 11 years ago and acquired a severe traumatic brain injury. He is wheelchair bound and is unable to walk or talk. The smiles we see and the effort he puts forth to interact with Hart and the instruments he brings over for Jess to listen to and attempt to play is priceless. Jess loves music and Hart gives him his own private concert with a variety of genres and sounds and instruments which brings such joy into his life. We cannot thank Hart enough for his time, talent, and friendship to Jess and our family.”

Pam, Chris, & Jess Matey




The students at the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind have really benefited from having Music from the Hart working with various students and classes. Many students quickly made positive connections with Hart and ask when he was coming back and were so motivated to participate in the music.DB MFH

Students with all types of disabilities have been involved in the program provided by Music from the Hart and all groups have benefited greatly. Music from the Hart is able to meet the variety of needs and to find a way to connect with all the students in their own special way. Students practice a wide variety of skills including rhythm, creativity, movement, patterns, following directions, and expressing themselves. Staff and students alike could not say enough good things about our experience with Music from the Hart, and we are looking forward to future opportunity to learn and grow and enjoy music together.

Jodie Hamilton, Teacher- Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind, Gooding, ID