About MFH

To provide positive alternatives through musical healingĀ to those in need of emotional support

Music therapy programs have been identified to help improve communication deficits and stimulate non-verbal communication, reduce anxiety, aide in social interaction, and more for individuals suffering from emotional, social, and physical disabilities.

Music from the Hart program is unique in our approach to helping those in need through music mentoring and healing. Ensuring a safe environment to allow students open creativity and expression.


According to the United States Census Bureau reports in 2010, approximately 56.7 million or 19% of the population is diagnosed with a disability. As of 2013, over 500,000 U.S. service members suffer from post-traumatic stress (PTS), and approximately 8,000 Veterans commit suicide annually.

The U.S. Department of Education reports that 8-12% of students ages 6-21 suffer from a significant disability, and are identified through their school as being emotionally disturbed.

The national average of children with learning disabilities is 42% according to the National Center for Learning Disabilities.